Business Development Executive (Fresher)

Hanoi, Vietnam



- Internship allowance: 2M/month

- Have the opportunity to become a full-time employee after the internship period.

- Trained and guided by experienced Managers and Team Leader, who has strong Business Development.

- Performance Review 2 times per year

- 13th month salary bonus: 1 month salary.

- Up to 1 month salary bonus for company's birthday celebration.

- Project bonus.

- Be issued with a health insurance card designed specifically for TDTers (Health insurance card AON).


As a member of TDT, you will have the opportunity to develop yourself at 2-3 times faster than the common ground:

- Get exposed to Fintech projects

- To be trained knowledge and skills through internal and external courses

- Working in an international environment with clients/partners from many different countries.

- Have the opportunity to advance to higher positions such as: BDM, Product Owner, PM...


- The office is designed in the style of Co-working, with many entertainment facilities such as: coffee machine, treadmill, ping pong table...; dining area with free food and drinks; Hot and cold bathroom, washing machine.

- Equipped with modern equipment such as high configuration Laptop, Macbook...

- Be able to join hobby clubs such as football club, running club, happy stock trading club / forex / crypto, game tournaments...

- 100% support for company trips: Summer Holiday, Year End Party

- Receive gifts, participate in events on the occasions of June 1, Mid-Autumn Festival, March 8, October 20, Christmas, Company birthday

- Working hour: 08h30 - 17h30, From Monday to Friday.


- Head office: 48B - Keangnam, Pham Hung, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi

- Van Thanh Space: Tower A - Song Da Building, Pham Hung, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi